November 7th at Lot 10 Bar and Lounge

We’re getting ready for Aunt Irene’s Late at Night show – her first gig at a bar. Here are some of the characters:

aunt irene and witch

Here’s Aunt Irene herself behind her desk with her beloved plant – a 200 year old bonsai. And on the other side of the stage, an evil young witch who plans to control the show with her older, beautiful (well, for a witch) lilysilly w mrbluesister.

Now here is Mr. Blue, a fuzzy guy who has a very odd act involving a radio and some interesting puppet science. See Mr. Blue discover the truth about himself and his own interior.

And here is the lilysilly w slothpopular singing sloth. Madame Sloth is hard to get for a performance because she sleep all day long and rarely gets up. She can often be mistaken for a tree limb. But for Aunt Irene she gets her act together.

We hope to see you on November 7th at Lot 10 for this puppet experience!

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