Crankie Cabaret 2017 Artists

Christina Coleman grew up on a small gentleman’s farm in upstate NY. She found a little peace of mind in the ponds & with the cows, drawing creatures for her mother’s children’s books, and building nooks in the walls to be alone in. Her early pivotal artistic influences include the tv shows Fame & Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and seeing the film Purple Rain while sitting on her mother’s lap in a jam-packed theater at age 11. She believes, above all else, in the magnificent, egoless zone & silence found while creating art.

Edith O. McCrea enjoys soft-sculpture, puppetry, writing, drawing, singing, banjo-playing, songwriting, and contra dancing. She is a puppeteer with Magic Garden Puppets, a board-member of the Central NY Waldorf Puppet Guild, and a member of Puppeteers of America. Edith built and operated puppets for The Cherry Arts’ 2016 production of The Snow Queen. In 2013, the video of her original song, “You’ve Been Fracked!” won First Place in the Artists Against Fracking video-contest sponsored by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. Edith also wrote and directed the song/music video “The Ballad of Dryden,” and composed, directed, and edited “That’s What the Children Say,” the anthem of We Are Seneca Lake.

Isaac “Bottlenose” Sharp studied noise production with a focus in sub-auditory gorgolling at the Atlantisian Institute of Harmonification under the tutelage of Professor Humpback Squideater. In 2003, Isaac was a finalist on the highest rated undersea television show: Atlantic Ocean’s Got Talent. He has achieved great success performing at venues including the Mariana Trench and the Eratosthenes Abyssal Plain. Since his venture onto land in 2009, Isaac has achieved notoriety among semiaquatic audiences of frogs, salamanders and mudskippers. This is Isaac’s first performance for an entirely terrestrial audience. You can find more info about Isaac at his website:

Kaleb Hunkele is an MFA student at Cornell University working in screen printing, painting, and experimental animation/film. Pattern, simple lines, text, color and modest materials are central to his practice. Kaleb studied film and animation at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and as a Fulbright Scholar to Estonia.

Matt Gordon has been making music under the name Red Sled Choir since 2005. The music has evolved from experimental (and largely instrumental) analogue tape recordings to homespun orchestrated folksongs to it’s current incarnation of warm, loop-based electro-analogue collages.

Lily Gershon is a local puppeteer and creator of LilySilly Puppets. She makes hand and shadow puppets in Freeville, at a small collective house called the Dacha Project that she built with her pals. She enjoys parades, jazz singing, wind-up toys, and pop-up art, and pretty much anything absurd and wacky. See more silly stuff at


Matthew Ocone is a musician based in Ithaca, NY. In addition to performing on solo classical guitar, he regularly plays with Isaac Sharp in The Dacha Guitar Duo, with violinist Bill Hurley in The Tarragon Duo, and with puppeteer Lily Silly. He live at The Dacha Project, in Freeville NY, a sustainable homestead, where he manages a small vegetable farm. For info on his various musical projects, The Dacha Project, and his passion for Hippopotami, you can visit his website,

Mickie Quinn divides her time as an illustrator and graphic designer, and as a performer and MC for a variety of shows around Ithaca including The Cosmic Joke Collective and Trampoline. She’s very excited to combine these skills for the Crankie Cabaret.