Lily Gershon – I’m a puppeteer, singer and puppet maker, among other things. I got my masters in Education and was once an English teacher but now I make puppets, perform puppet theater and work with local schools.

My grandmother saved everything and one day I found myself owner of a lot of old, ugly sweaters with giant shoulder pads, bottles of sequins and jars of corks. I used these things to make puppets to entertain my friends but soon found a lot of satisfaction in working with reclaimed parts and talking to my hand. My goal is to make art out of what I find or already have while being incredibly silly.

I’m also part of a jazz duo in which I sing in a number of languages. I combine my puppet making and my singing to create performances for kids and adults. Matthew Ocone, a classically trained guitarist, plays live music for my puppet shows – and everyone lives happily ever after.

For more info check out this television interview with LilySilly:

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